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Product Description
The Strike King Rage Lizard is the last soft plastic lizard you’ll ever buy. The ever popular 6″ lizard body has been a staple among many Texas rig and Carolina rig fisherman for years. The new 6″ Rage Tail Lizard features the unique Rage Tail design on all 4 legs and the large Rage Tail has incredible movement in the water. Never has a lizard had all 5 body parts moving at the same time with small movements of the rod tip or the current in the water.

Pro Tips
As we start to get into the months of March, April and May (sometimes June up north and even January down south) bass start to move into their spawning areas, where they will be up shallow making beds and guarding nests. A lizard is an ideal bait to rig up on a Texas Rig and flip around shallow flats or common areas for spawning on your body of water. A lizard looks menacing. It looks like the kind of thing that would eat little baby bass or disturb the rhythm of the bass’ spawning process. Hop or drag it across bedding areas and hold on.

Drew’s Notes
“Pausing the Rage Lizard on a bed can be absolutely maddening for a big female guarding her eggs. The longer you wait the more that fish will get agitated. It will move closer and closer to your bait, nose up and almost ‘kiss’ the bait. This is when you know you have her. One twitch or slight jiggle and that fish will pounce. Have a big wide gap hook so you can really rip that hookset and get that fish in the boat.”

Recommended Gear
Daiwa – 7’0 – 7’6 (Medium/Heavy or Heavy casting)
Kast King – 6.3:1 Baitcaster
Seaguar – 12-15 Lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Water Depth

Brush Piles

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