Product Description
The Texas Tackle Big Bug is a beaver-style bait that features distinct ribs creating a vibration under the water that lets bass know something is moving around. Flapping appendages on the sides make the Big Bug look realistic like a crawdad or other bottom hopping creature. A perfect meal for a waiting bass. The center line of the bait was created for better hook penetration, allowing the hook to slip through the plastic easily. The long, flat beaver tail is able to be split so you can have a twin tail look, an option for more aggressive fish that are looking for a little more action.

Pro Tips
The beaver style Big Bug is an excellent and versatile bait that can be used by itself for flipping and pitching or in tandem with a jig as a trailer. Try Texas-rigging with a strong flipping hook and a ¾ ounce or heavier weight for fishing in the thick stuff. You can also go lighter wire hook and smaller bullet weight for sparse cover and a slower fall. Make sure to always peg your weight with a bobber stopper when fishing around cover, as the weight can get caught up between the weeds and your bait. The bobber stopper allows it to slip through the weeds easily.

Drew’s Notes
“When using the Big Bug as a jig trailer, try and make sure you match the hatch with your color selections. A jig typically is meant to mimic a crawdad, so if you have access to a trap or can find out the colors of the current craws in your body of water, it might help you decide whether to pair a brown jig with a green pumpkin trailer, orange with brown or some other combination. Unless you’re fishing dirty water, which blue and black will be your best bet, try matching the craw color and you’ll see a difference.”

Recommended Gear

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