Product Description
The brand new Drop Shad from V&M Baits is a perfect finesse option for your drop shot setup. With a unique shape and design that is built to mimic a small baitfish, the Drop Shad is sure to entice even the most finicky fish. A small paddle and thin tail design gives this bait extra action when rigged with a traditional drop shot hook or a weed less style rebarb hook. Try the Drop Shad on a small ball head jig, for a super finesse presentation on 6 pound test or less when things get really tough.

Pro Tips
The drop shot is by far one of the most effective techniques especially when bass are less active and tough to catch. The first step to properly rigging the drop shot is learning to tie a Palomar Knot. Not only is it one of the most effective knots for almost all techniques, it’s essential for the drop shot. Once you learn that, you can play with various distances between your hook and your weight. Depending on how the bass are positioned, you can have lengths as short as 2 inches and as long as 3 feet. Play with the length to see what works best on any given day.

Drew’s Notes
“Having the right kind of line and the right rod are essential to fishing the drop shot properly. This is one technique where fluorocarbon is really important, because the lack of stretch in the line allows the sensitivity you need to pick up those bites easily. Having a rod that is built for the drop shot is pretty important too. It’ll be a 7’0 – 7’6 medium-light action. This allows the rod to absorb a lot of the hook set, so you really just need to start reeling when you get a bite, as opposed to ripping into them.”

Recommended Gear
Daiwa – 7’0 – 7’6 (Medium-Light Spinning)
Kast King – 5:1.1 Spinning Reel
Seaguar – 6-8 Lb Tatsu Fluorocarbon

Water Depth

Open Water
Rip Rap

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