Product Description
Designed to meet the demands of the most competitive tournament anglers, the new Topwater 110 topwater was re-engineered to create one of the most unique movements ever seen in a walk the dog style bait. The cupped chin allows the bait to move in a tighter, more life-like pattern, while spitting and chugging along the way. The integrated rattle chamber has been fine-tuned to create unique sounds that attract hungry predators. Whether walking near cover or in open-water around schools of baitfish, the Vicious 110 will call the fish to the surface every time.Pro Tips
Cadence is the most important part of fishing a walking style bait. On any given day, bass will be more prone to hit a bait moving with a certain rhythm. Sometimes they’ll won’t a “twitch, twitch, pause” action, while other times they want it burned across the surface quickly. Learning the right cadence when you’re out on the water is really important, so switch it up until you find it.Drew’s Notes
“Unless you’re targeting a specific school, fan cast your walking bait. Work it over deep water, alongside docks, next to rock walls or rip rap. A topwater bait can be a fantastic way to search and find out where bass are holding, even when they don’t commit to the bait completely.”

Recommended Gear
Kast King – 7’0 Speed Demon Pro (Medium Power Rod)
Kast King – 6.3:1 Baitcaster
Seaguar – 15-17 Seaguar Monofilament

Water Depth

Rip Rap
Open Water

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