Product Description
An LTB Exclusive, the Woo Tungsten Flipping Kit was designed specifically for LTB subscribers. This is kit gives you all the basic terminal tackle that you need to get started flipping plastics all over your local water. With two 3/8 oz bullet weights, a full ring of bobber stops and 6 glass beads, you’ll be ready to get into the heavy cover with ease. Also a perfect setup for pitching around any weeds or structure.

Pro Tips
Rigging a flipping setup is easy with this kit from Woo Tungsten. Start with your bobber stop, sliding your line through the top opening and then slipping the bobber stop on the line. Next comes your 3/8 oz weight that you slip the line through and run up the line to your bobber stop. The glass bead goes between your weight and your hook, in order to provide some clacking noise that is designed to attract fish. After your bead, tie on your flipping hook of choice, your favorite plastic bait and you are ready to go!

Drew’s Notes
“When you’re using a straight shank flipping hook, go to YouTube and look up a tutorial on how to tie the Snell Knot. This knot is really effective for flipping, because it forces the hook point up as the bait is engulfed by a bass. This typically allows for the hook to penetrate the roof of the mouth more effectively and thus getting more fish in the boat.”

Recommended Gear
Daiwa – 7’4 – 8’0 (Med-Heavy to Heavy Flipping)
Kast King – 7.4:1 Baitcaster
Seaguar – 15 -25 Lb Seaguar InvisX Fluoro or 50 – 65 Smackdown Braid

Water Depth


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